Our 2008 Itasca Navion MH by Winnebago, which we purchased new, has a propane tank, as you can see by the accompanying images, that is disintegrating and putting our lives at risk. There is absolutely no reason, other than defective materials, that could possibly cause this horrendous condition.

We discovered the condition of the propane tank on July 1, 2013, while inspecting the underside of our MH. I was able to pull off a large 1/8" thick strip of rusted metal and coating from the bottom of the tank.If I chose to, I could peel off many more layers. At that point we parked the MH and have not used it since. We contacted Winnebago immediately, and they informed us that we must live in a caustic environment, and they were not responsible.

I guess they don't care if one of their customers blows up in their MH. I don't belive that an island in the middle of Lake Champlain in VT is caustic, which is where we live.

Next we contacted Manchester Tank Co, who produced the propane tank, and the person we initially had contact with told us that this was a serious situation, and that we should take the vehicle out of service immediately.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Waterloo, Iowa, United States #798126

Winnebago ind.Knows how to do the texas side step faster than any company on the face of the planet.I should know i work for them.And yes,i hate my job.

to charlie-x San Francisco, California, United States #811908

Wow. That's sad.

Find another job you can feel good about.

Too Bad about all these complaints about Winnebago. You have all saved me a lot of money as I won't be buying an RV from this manufacturer.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #780309

Hello, we have a great, comfortable 2012 Winnebago view. Now stuck in our R V garage.

The emergency brake lever is jammed and locked up. We cannot move it to have it towed. I had the assembly removed so we could move it. talked to Winnebago, "it's a Mercedes Benz problem".

I will have to buy a new lever assembly and travel 1 hour to Baton Rouge to "buy" it and pick it up. (No warranty).

We thought that this was a Winnebago unit, but it seems each component that is made by different companies will be bought by us from the different companies.

That is sad, we thought Winnebago was a impressive company, but they slip, slide and dodge like cheapskates.

Pullman, Washington, United States #774724

Comments: After many letters, refusal of service and lack of response on complaints I sent the following letter May 29, 2012 to this forum. It is now going to be posted on every complaint site I can find unless of course you finally wish to respond:

Just wanted to let you and Bernie Kaffron know that due to your Owner Relations lack of response and Bernie Kaffron's refusal to accept me for repairs on my previously owned 2007 Winnebago Vectra, I traded the unit on a 2012 Newmar Dutch Star.

In my entire life I have never dealt with a company as unsupportive of customers such as yours.

As a previous Vice President of the Canadian division of a US Oilfield Service Company, I would have fired the likes of Kaffron before he causes further damage.

Through my friends, membership in Good Sams, and membership in the Canadian Snowbirds Association I have discouraged many friends and associates to purchase your products and will continue to do so.

My personal experience with your people says it all (especially the email Bernie sent me when he told me he no longer wanted to see me in Forest City). Signed, One Sad and Sorry Ex Customer :(

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