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We purchased one of the towable units, model 2106DS. We chose Winnebago because of their reputation and being a longstanding company in the industry.

We figured they were doing something right. And the coach we purchase was really well constructed. There was just one major defect that we discovered about 4 months into ownership. The woodwork in the entire coach was either never sealed or the sealant the manufacturer used was not working.

We began experiencing an extreme amount of staining (don't know what other term to use here) all over the interior of our coach. It seems if any kind of oil - from cooking, hand cream or just natural skin oils - would leave a permanent mark. All cabinets and walls that have the "wood" material were affected to some degree. There was a little back and forth with Winnebago on how to accomplish a fix, but in the end the decision to tear out and replace the entire interior of the unit was the solution.

Winnebago picked it up from our dealer, took it to the factory (from Texas to Indiana) to replace everything and then they shipped it back. We were really fortunate that they sent some sheets of the wood material with the coach as they in fact did not remove the entire interior because there were still 3 areas of the wood that hat stains. The service department at our dealership did the remaining repairs. All of this after our coach being away from "home" for 3 months.

You would think that would be the end of the story, but not so. In the process of talking to the customer service rep we emphasized that if the same material was used in the unit when they rebuilt it, that the same issue would arise later. We were under the assumption that the material used in our coach was just a bad batch , so we asked them to test the new material before installing it to make sure it wasn't going to stain. They tested it and it still stained.

The most frustrating and horrifying thing was that they still used it to rebuild our coach. We don't understand it, but they say if we have more issues they will fix it again. Makes no sense to us as a customer and we have big questions on what would happen after the warranty runs out. After a lengthy discussion with the warranty dept manager and his boss we were told "we have fulfilled our warranty requirement to you".

They didn't fix the issue, so we completely disagree. The next discussion was to ask them to research a way to seal the wood for us since it will not perform as designed. After a couple of weeks waiting for the manufacturer to do their "testing", their conclusion to us was: we cannot seal the interior for you and you are welcome to do it yourself at your own peril. The only conclusion we can draw from that statement is that whatever products they tried ruined the interior material.

So here we are. We have a 2017 (and it isn't even 2017 yet) model trailer that if we use it will get ruined and will have very little resale or trade in value. Even though the unit is in perfect condition, and to trade it in or sell it now, we will have lost a lot of money. Our intention was that this was our retirement unit - the last one we were going to buy.

We feel completely ripped off.

The photos are only a couple of examples. There were many more affected areas.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Enough for me not to buy one in 2022....


I own same unit and have same issues for last 4 years.


Sorry to read about your travails. I own a 2018 Winnebago Micro Minnie model 1706FB, and with it being only one year old...the entire front bedroom Queen mattress under support woodwork, is LITERALLY, falling apart, nails coming out of the wood they are driven into, staples the same...which led to a bed frame collapse while my wife and I were settled in bed.

My dealer (as it is off warranty) is going to rebuild the bed frame from the ground up, with 2X4 construction...but with added cost to me, over and beyond the original cost to purchase the unit. I am VERY disappointed and dismayed with the O.E.M choice of materials and the quick (bang it together and out the door) assembly from the Winnebago Factory. This will most likely be my last tow trailer, from Winnebago Industries.

I ***ABSOLUTELY*** expected better from the name brand...absolutely! C'mon..they built a totatlly useless and fragiile bed frame to support the mattress, that the owner(s) would be laying upon and interacting with, for eight to ten hours per 24 hour cycle, while using the coach.


This doesn't look good.


“Wood surfaces definitely not sealed and stain easily. Disappointed about that.


I agree with the customer. Winnebago made decent units when they where an independent company.

Since Thor industry purchased Winnebago it has gone down hill quick.

Winnebago always installed fiberglass Roofs before the buy out. Thor uses the cheap tpo roof on their Winnebago line up now!


thor did not buy out winnebago


Winnebago is NOT owned by Thor they are still independent and have bought Grand Design as well


Winnebago is not owned by Thor industries


I just bought a new 1706FB. I'm going to apply a coat of semi-gloss Varathane or polyurethane varnish to all of the cabinetry, now, while it is brand new.That has worked perfectly for me on the many boats and yachts I've owned.Perfect trailer for me.

Tandem axles- a MUST. Big fridge, dry bath with shower.And- staining notwithstanding- good build quality.

Far outweighs the negatives here.This is practically the only trailer on the market that has all of this at 3000# dry.Nothing is perfect. So I'll do my best to work around this.


I would test an area that doesn’t show before doing all of the paneling. We tried this on some sample pieces we got from Winnebago and it was a disaster.


??? I am considering a new 2019 VISTA 27N,,, how are you applying the varnish,, i.e. are you brushing it on or (i think) you can apply with spray can,,, great idea,, thanks Tim


You had ***BETTER*** take a look at the wood construction support that holds up your mattress 1/8 ply deck. We have a one year old 2018 ****FB, that as we lay upon our queen mattress, a loud bang and wood cracking sound was heard...and the entire right corner of the bed frame collapsed down two inches, damaging the wallpaper interior of the front of the inside wall of our coach.

The bed is now unusable, and as we are just off warranty, my selling dealer said that they would lift up the 1/8 ply sheeting (that the mattress rests upon) and will totally rebuild the frame from the storage floor up, with 2X4 support construction, and then a 1/4 inch ply boarding upon the new support framing. And THIS, from a supposedly l, front rank RV manufacturer! I hope the rest of my 2018 **** holds up...but already, in the bathroom, the wall covering is laminating at the roof line above the shower stall, and peeling off the wall. Again..I am going to use super glue to reattach and to lay it flat against the interior wall.

This folks, will be my last RV, from Winnebago...and honestly...with all the other reports across all the other manufacturers of current year RV's...Jayco...R-Pod..etc...many complaints of 'bang it together in one day...and out the door' this probably will be our last RV purchase.

The RV industry as a whole, in quality control, and quality of materials...has taken a swan dive, since the 70's and 80's... Sad, but true....


Glad I found this page! We were on the *** of buying a Grand Design, owned by Winnebago, but if they are not going to honor the warranty and stand by their product we may look else where!!!


We have the same problem


Hey!!!! Just got back from a Dealership was looking at a 2106FBS almost purchased.

Came back to search reviews on unit.

I found this page , thank, good nice. I will look else where.

Thank for the in put.


I was thinking about downsizing from my Surveyor SV305 to a Winnebago Mini,and I liked the light interior, but after reading this review I likely will not do so. I to was hoping that Winnebago was a reputable company, having been in business so long, but apparently they are not.




Winnebago is not owned by Thor.


Actually folks...other than our queen bed frame bed at the front of the unit OEM build..collapsing by its members coming apart (nails and staples), and a seam of wall covering over the shower enclosure de-laminating, (I of course can fix that with a good waterproof superglue, and then re beading the white silicone at the juncture between vertical wall and bathroom ceiling, the unit has been a joy to own. We have about 5 thousand miles of usage (only run on paved highways and roadways), and all the most expensive items in the coach from Dometic and Atwood, have proven very reliable.

As stated, the Dometic 6 cubic foot 'fridge with humongous separate freezer is awesome...and keeps food cold or frozen just as in your own home. All other appliances, the furnace, the 13,600 BTU air-conditioner...work as you'd expect. So, basically, after my dealer rebuilds our front (FB) queen bed under support frame to much more beefier 2X4 support construction...my wife and I expect many years of a great towing trailer, that with being towed by a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan (with the factory MOPAR) tow package, we are getting between a low of 13.5 mpg, to a high of 15 mpg, at 60 mph on the highway on Cruise Control. As the gentlemen stated above, the trailer being 2980 dry weight, and mostly decked out by the owners, to be a tow-able weight of 3,400 to 3,600, this 1706FB is very tow-able by any Dodge Grand Caravan with factory Tow Package, or any SUV with a V-6 and proper Class 3 tow package.

My wife and I are very dissapointed in the frame and cheap construction of a very important aspect of the coach...the bed frame where you will be resting upon it for every 8-10 hours per 24 hour cycle of RV'ing. Other than that...and some seam de-laminating of the fabric in the bathroom over the shower (this happens with of course, there is high humidity in the environment, whether in taking a shower, (and yes...the bathroom vent if full open, with the electric fan running...!) or when camping in early spring, or October/November (like a Thanksgiving long weekend) and the breath from the both of you, or even just a single person, will add much moisture to the closed windowed interior...and high humidity can cause stains on the light beech wood colored wood interiors...etc. I do have a suggestion for all, is that you do keep each window slightly cracked open...a 1/4 inch on each of them to allow the interior as you camp and sleep, in early Spring, late Fall camping...to breathe, and allow that resperated moisture to escape and vent. Also...always keep your cabin and bathroom vents open at least 1/4 to a half inch for the very same reasons...so moist humid air does not collect at the roof line of the cabin.

Other than my complaint of the shoddy and fragile bed framing (which can be upgraded by the owner..of course...as we are by necessity) the Winnebago 1706 is a win/win travel trailer, with TRAVEL as the key word...towing it, will not bankrupt you...and at 20 feet, it can get into ANY dedicated RV site, or one more dedicated to a tent. I am just crossing my fingers, that other than after we have the dealer rebuild the bed frame to a level that never again, will the bed frame come apart or feel spongy, and even might collapse under two person's weight as our did...that we will have many years (with proper maintenance in and out) of great camping adventures. The bed collapse aside...the trailer has proven reliable and given us already many river and lakeside great camping memories.

Yes, I bitched about the collapsing bed frame,...but at the same time, one must also state what YOU DO LIKE about your ownership..and I think I have been fair here. Cheers!

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