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We purchased one of the towable units, model 2106DS. We chose Winnebago because of their reputation and being a longstanding company in the industry.

We figured they were doing something right. And the coach we purchase was really well constructed. There was just one major defect that we discovered about 4 months into ownership. The woodwork in the entire coach was either never sealed or the sealant the manufacturer used was not working.

We began experiencing an extreme amount of staining (don't know what other term to use here) all over the interior of our coach. It seems if any kind of oil - from cooking, hand cream or just natural skin oils - would leave a permanent mark. All cabinets and walls that have the "wood" material were affected to some degree. There was a little back and forth with Winnebago on how to accomplish a fix, but in the end the decision to tear out and replace the entire interior of the unit was the solution.

Winnebago picked it up from our dealer, took it to the factory (from Texas to Indiana) to replace everything and then they shipped it back. We were really fortunate that they sent some sheets of the wood material with the coach as they in fact did not remove the entire interior because there were still 3 areas of the wood that hat stains. The service department at our dealership did the remaining repairs. All of this after our coach being away from "home" for 3 months.

You would think that would be the end of the story, but not so. In the process of talking to the customer service rep we emphasized that if the same material was used in the unit when they rebuilt it, that the same issue would arise later. We were under the assumption that the material used in our coach was just a bad batch , so we asked them to test the new material before installing it to make sure it wasn't going to stain. They tested it and it still stained.

The most frustrating and horrifying thing was that they still used it to rebuild our coach. We don't understand it, but they say if we have more issues they will fix it again. Makes no sense to us as a customer and we have big questions on what would happen after the warranty runs out. After a lengthy discussion with the warranty dept manager and his boss we were told "we have fulfilled our warranty requirement to you".

They didn't fix the issue, so we completely disagree. The next discussion was to ask them to research a way to seal the wood for us since it will not perform as designed. After a couple of weeks waiting for the manufacturer to do their "testing", their conclusion to us was: we cannot seal the interior for you and you are welcome to do it yourself at your own peril. The only conclusion we can draw from that statement is that whatever products they tried ruined the interior material.

So here we are. We have a 2017 (and it isn't even 2017 yet) model trailer that if we use it will get ruined and will have very little resale or trade in value. Even though the unit is in perfect condition, and to trade it in or sell it now, we will have lost a lot of money. Our intention was that this was our retirement unit - the last one we were going to buy.

We feel completely ripped off.

The photos are only a couple of examples. There were many more affected areas.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Winnebago Industries Micro Minnie 2106ds Rv.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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“Wood surfaces definitely not sealed and stain easily. Disappointed about that.


I agree with the customer. Winnebago made decent units when they where an independent company.

Since Thor industry purchased Winnebago it has gone down hill quick.

Winnebago always installed fiberglass Roofs before the buy out. Thor uses the cheap tpo roof on their Winnebago line up now!


I just bought a new 1706FB. I'm going to apply a coat of semi-gloss Varathane or polyurethane varnish to all of the cabinetry, now, while it is brand new.That has worked perfectly for me on the many boats and yachts I've owned.Perfect trailer for me.

Tandem axles- a MUST. Big fridge, dry bath with shower.And- staining notwithstanding- good build quality.

Far outweighs the negatives here.This is practically the only trailer on the market that has all of this at 3000# dry.Nothing is perfect. So I'll do my best to work around this.

to John Anderson #1485492

I would test an area that doesn’t show before doing all of the paneling. We tried this on some sample pieces we got from Winnebago and it was a disaster.

to John Anderson #1544004

??? I am considering a new 2019 VISTA 27N,,, how are you applying the varnish,, i.e. are you brushing it on or (i think) you can apply with spray can,,, great idea,, thanks Tim


Glad I found this page! We were on the *** of buying a Grand Design, owned by Winnebago, but if they are not going to honor the warranty and stand by their product we may look else where!!!


We have the same problem


Hey!!!! Just got back from a Dealership was looking at a 2106FBS almost purchased.

Came back to search reviews on unit.

I found this page , thank, good nice. I will look else where.

Thank for the in put.


I was thinking about downsizing from my Surveyor SV305 to a Winnebago Mini,and I liked the light interior, but after reading this review I likely will not do so. I to was hoping that Winnebago was a reputable company, having been in business so long, but apparently they are not.

to Jeff #1390287


to blw #1633199

Winnebago is not owned by Thor.


Is there any further updates on this issue. We too were going to buy the 2106 for our retirement but this review has changed my mind. I assume Winnebago was a reputable company.

to Paul #1380031

As you can see Winnebago has never responded to this review. And they have never reached out to us either.

But of course we are no longer Winnebago owners so they don’t care.

Our dealer helped us out amazingly and we traded it in for a Fun Finder. Our new unit has worked out well for us.

to Mel #1544006

Is there any Motor Home company you would recommend,,, considering new 27N Vista,,, beginning to have second thoughts,, thanks

to Alaska Tim #1561224

Don't ! That's what we bought.

It is falling apart at the seams. Been in the shop more than we have used it. Dealership has offered 1/2 of what we paid for it 13 months ago...

We got screwed bad ! And it was for our retirement.


I was VERY much planning to buy a Winnebago 2106DS *until* I read this review. The accompanying photos sealed it for me: NO WAY is that kind of ugly staining acceptable.

Winnebago needs to get its act together. The Winnebago they bought was very substandard.

to Jeff #1335512


It's not just our unit. There have been many other units doing the same thing.

It is a substandard material that they are using in their current units.

If it is new and it has a light colored interior, this is what that unit will look like at some point in the future. Good call, Jeff, on passing on these until they resolve this issue.


Contact an attorney and have him file a class action suit. I am sure there are many others in this situation f the manufacturer is knowingly using defective material.

In business this is caused Malfeasance. Knowingly committing an act of wrongful intent.

Farmingdale, New York, United States #1303078

oh man. im freaking out.

i just planned a road trip to buy a minnie 2106ds? does everything else work properly? is it constructed well?

any tips? anything else i should know?

to ivan San Antonio, Texas, United States #1303161

Everything else was fine the 5 months we had it. My recommendation is to cook outside as much as possible.

If you cook inside be very careful with ANY kind of oil. Also we careful when you have lotion on your hands.

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