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2018 Winnebago View 24G-When we picked up the camper in Nov 2017 we were told the display is broken and a new one was on order. It came in weeks later and was replaced.

On our way home from camping world the triangle cowling piece by the side view mirror blew off somewhere on the road. It took until Feb 2018 to get the paper work to put tags on it. On returning it to replace the display in March 2018 we discovered several things-1. the awning lights failed and the awning was later replaced.

2. It would not start due to The Mercedes battery failed in the first month while in storage and was replaced. 3. The side slideout front motor had failed.

4. The shower door was not installed correctly and was reinstalled. In June 2018 on our first camping trip (would have been sooner but it was in the shop). First time out the A/C would not cool.

Local warranty on the road shop said 4 weeks just to check it out. We had to purchase a window unit from Walmart to stay cool for the week. Stuck it out one July 2018 we discovered the bathroom mirror fell off the medicine cabinet door, shattered on the toilet seat and chipped the toilet seat. August 2018 brought n w discoveries.

lWe recently discovered the ceiling above the side slideout is saturated with moisture(Winnebago knows this). I climbed up, pressed the ceiling joint and water squirted out. Water had been dripping down on top of the side slideout ceiling and eventually coming to rest on the front slideout motor. Slideout motors now come with a rubber sleeve for moisture protection.

Forget about fixing the spice of moisture accumulation.

Also when we turn a corner the two bottom drawers below the stove fly open every time. Wow!

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