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We took delivery of this little Winnebago July 2018 and have taken it out twice. Each time there has been new issues develop.

Their quality control at Winnebago Industries is as bad as any of the lower cost manufacturers. Of biggest concern are the two exterior cargo doors. The doors have just one center latch at the bottom. Because it latches only in the center and the doors are extremely weak, the corners at the bottom both bow out to the extent that dust and debris enters the cargo compartment past the seal.

We pulled the trailer about 5 miles on a dusty gravel road during our most recent trip; when we arrived at our campsite, the floor and everything else near the front door and rear slider was covered in a thick layer of dirt. The slider, doors, windows had been closed tightly so we have yet to determine what caused this issue. Also on this trip, a 4' piece of exterior trim fell off the bottom of the camper - it seems that the 6 screws attaching the trim had not actually been screwed into the frame because the frame is not in the correct spot behind the bottom of the trailer wall.

There are a lot of small things such as this. I'm very disappointed in Winnebago quality.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Winnebago Industries Cons: No response after 3 months.

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See our Sept 07 review of our 40A. As of today, Winnebago has had it at a repair facility for the last 7 weeks.

Was supposed to be delivered back to us tomorrow, but I discovered they had not repaired the Aqua Hot system or the fuel gauge.

Don't know when we will see it. The Winnebago Regional Service rep told us repairs would only take a couple of weeks.

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