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We bought our 2019 Horizon 40A from Litchensin RV in forest City Iowa on June 12th.

We have had nothing but major issues with it since it’s purchase. We were assured we could get it serviced in Dallas where we live. Well that does not happen.

First words asked when you call Did you buy it here? If not you can bring it in 4 months from now etc. as we understand from Winnebago customer service at corporate this is normal. The guy told me on the phone when I called we can’t force them to work on your RV. That was his solution when I called.


1. Door locks. Not working. Cut improperly when put in. Door has opened 4 times going down the road.

2. Bed lift not working. Will not lift up so you can’t put the side out in. Stops your travel. We’re stuck in Flagstaff AZ at this time. Because of this issue. No way to manually put the bed up. This stops your travel. Road side assistant yesterday who came out to repair this but he couldn’t said in his 30 years of doing this he has never seen a bed lift stop people from traveling. No manual way to put bed lift up.

3. ABS brake warning system light is on.

4. Major leaks in the ceilings. Comes in the speakers. No seals around the windows on the top, lights, and screw holes not filled it.

5. Cabinets doors screws to short to hold th doors on. The come out.

6. We have been trying to get warranty issues resolved for the first month with no luck. No one wants to do warranty work.

7. Many more small issues.

We would NOT recommend this product ! We’re so disappointed. We can’t get it serviced. We’re stuck in Flagstaff. Waiting to hear from Winnebago and or our dealership to help us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Warranty.

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Winnebago,Brian the Head Honcho does not care, GROSS INCOMPETENCE.


On the above post. All of our issues were taken care of and were happy with our Horizion now.

As we have learned from everyone. This was normal warranty things that happen.

Winnebago paid is back without question what we had to pay out of pocket. I would recommend Winnebago and this Model now.


sorry to hear about your Horizon....We have had four Winnebago products ...all had issues. Try another company


Hey message me. I'll get you a Tiffin..


Just read your review. Please see ours from Sept 07.

The repair facility that Winnebago took it to in LA has had it for the last 7 weeks as of today. It has been in for repairs for over 13 weeks since we have owned it. Was supposed to be picked up today and returned to us tomorrow, but I discovered they had not repaired the Aqua Hot system or the fuel gauge. Don't know when we will see it.

I'm sorry for your issues. Fortunately we are home.

@W. Fuller

Thanks! Sorry to hear your having so many issues as well.

It’s ashame Winneabgo is turning out this New Model for them with all of these issues. I totally understand RV,s are going to have some issues. But the lack of customer service and dealers that will not do warranty work for you if you did not buy it from them is horrible. We just cut our trip short because we can’t get anything repaired.

We have not been able to use our masterbedroom for any of this trip. We were at a Rally this weekend. 500 RVs at this Rally. So many people wanted to see our motorhome.

It was a black eye on winneabgo and this model because we told everyone about what problems were having. Everyone could not believe it. I hope you get your RV repaired soon.

Sorry your having trouble. Dale

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