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Have 2015 Vista motorhome. Major issues keep cropping up since we bought it.

Some are real safety issues. One safety issue is the led ceiling light covers will vibrate loose and fall. And they shatter, sending glass every where. With one, pieces struck my wife in the face and she sat in passenger seat.

If we had had the grandkids sitting on the sofa, they would have taken the brunt of the flying glass. Then the microwave/convection oven start to smell like it was burning and sounded funny. So immediately unplugged and took part way out to make sure it was no smoldering. Low and behold the comer where the power cord goes on is all smashed.

Obviously it has been dropped and then installed anyway. A big fire hazard to say the least. Now this will be another trip to get something fixed. Overall since we have bought it, it has spent nearly three months time at the repair dealer.

I again sent this off to the company. See what there response is!

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My 2015 adventurer is in again , this time the windshield is falling out.... 3400 miles . Disappointed....


Hope my name shows. Was not happy when I wrote this review and didn't complete it all the way.

Obviously Winnebago is having a quality issue with the products after reading other reviews. I have real doubts now about their products. It's the ones that pose a safety issue that bother me most. People can be hurt or killed because the quality of workmanship and materials has become real shoddy.

Would I buy another, no! Will I loose big money on this one, yes. Folks, do your research and find something that is better made. Had a Keystone Springdale trailer before this and it's one of Keystones lowest models.

Had that trailer from 2008 till 2015 and had no problems.

Maybe they need to do motorhome! They seemed to "got it" on their quality,

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