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Winneabago will not replace this new RV, they are have a local company repair it, do not even think I will get a brand new roof, I will trade in as soon as I can, ny state lemmon law I have to have the same problem 3-times not repairable for them to take it back before I reach 18K this lemmon has 13K on it, will be a year at the end of may I have this pretty looking garbage Buyers beware Do Not Buy the Sunstar and Winneabago are very Unprofessional you will not want the stress of dealing with them D Knight Hicksville NY

Original review posted by user Dec 13, 2017

To: Angela Gerdes Customer Care Specialist Winnebago Ind 12/13/17 650 West Crystal Lake Rd Forest City IA 50436 Ceo Michael J Happe RE: 2017 Winnebago Sunstar high cost Lemmon date of purchase 4/26/17 THE ICING ON THE CAKE the roof needs to be replaced we have had for over 40 years used and new Rv nothing with these issues. Area- Roof looks burnt with a crack (a fire?) black soot ?- or primer?

To cover a Roof crack?? (took pictures) behind Lrm slide out noticed after pick up at rv service co AFTER vacation (stayed in hotels) have receipts **** Needs roof replacement*** Area Septic overflow, sewer leak area compartment rug needs to be replaced bacteria Kitchen IMPLOTED window needs to be replaced Entry door keeps coming loose hard to close may be frame need to be replaced? (rattles loudly) rear storage Compartments retain water (weather strips?) issue? driver side and passanger side weather stripping his falling off leaving jacks front does not work from time to time on (sold flat surface) fireplace now rattles very loudly we do not know where to tighten livingroom rear awning fell do not see hinges, we leave lving rm shades down in this area kitchen sink faucet needs a washer has a drip camera has a delay comes on after the lane has been changed (dangerous) onan generator serviced after every trip (still stalls out after hitting a bump) area driver side lower comparment loose hard to close hinge issues again drivers side slid out falling apart bolts falling out (repaired) still questionable please check both slide out for they make grinding noise and yes they are clear of any debris on the floors front heater works intermittly (thermostate?) issue?

Windshield weather stripping pealing and has no protection on the bottom from rocks Add the 2-issues on this  2017 Winneabago Sunstar Rv Needs to be Replaced! no Questions about it.

picture of the Hood issue with the hood stop falling off is attached Hood cannot be locked dangerous can only lock now on one side. pictures of a crack on the roof with (Primer over it ) with primer runs (hidden issue)

Review about: 2017 Winnebago Industries Sunstar Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $155000.

Preferred solution: full replacment.

I didn't like: Lack of professional employees.

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Some if repairs are ok roof still defective it has nice lump ucan see where they patched my new rv for it is a crack due to being over the support rib. Something has to break3 times for the nys lemmon law to help alot of money for poor quality


Way to many problems to be a true review.

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