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Bought a new Itasca from them less than a year ago and the left front slide came out while driving on the interstate. Standing on an interstate hi-way, trying to force it back in was not fun, the front of the slide was 4 inches farther out than the back and therefore caused binding.

So I took it in thinking that as it had been represented to me the slides had locks to keep them closed and the coach is still under warranty, it would be corrected. Well no, Mcclains says it couldn't happen and therefore it didn't happen. They said "it works just fine in the shop". Three different people told me in so many words that I was making it up, or too *** to operate it.

To add insult to injury, they charged me $75 for diagnosis, claiming there is nothing wrong. Even after succumbing to their high pressure, fear tactics and paying for thousands of dollars for "protection packages", they wouldn't even honor the factory warranty. This is my sixth MH, so I have some experience. Two of those were Winnebago products, and the only ones to leave me stranded on the side of the road!

On a positive note, Ryan Trisel is a good salesman and has tried to help. 7/20/17 update; Well folks, it happened again! Coming back from Colorado the left slide came out again. I would like to tell toy that McClains admitted their mistake, corrected the problem, apologized for saying it couldn't and didn't happen and refunded the "diagnostic fee" charged for warranty work.

I truly would like to tell you that, but it didn't happen. I met with the service manager, the shop manager and the general manager and we all got Winnebago on the phone. Winnebago agreed to pay to replace ONE slide out motor but not both. So they get partial credit.

After reminding the service manager of the story she told of her and other dealers complaints to Winnebago about the inferior slide mechanisms that have failed multiple times, she agreed to replace the second motor if Winny wouldn't stand behind it. So, I go to pick it up and they refused to refund the diagnostic fee even after being proven wrong and the slide coming out at highway speeds again. The service manager was very angry that I wasn't satisfied with McClains providing the second motor, a faulty motor that could have caused an accident and hurt my Family. All I want is product that delivers as promised!

The unit was sold to me as having new, state of the art slide locking mechanisms, that don't require auxiliary locks. What I got is a service manager with a bad attitude and short temper and a dealership that wants to nickel and dime me to death, while not standing behind what they sell!

So, fellow motorists, if you see me coming down the road with a slide hanging over the yellow line, please don't hit me. According to mcclains, it is a figure of your imagination because it can't happen!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Winnebago Industries Itasca Cambria Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stand behind your product..

Winnebago Industries Pros: Exterior design good.

Winnebago Industries Cons: Customer service.

  • motor home unsafe
  • Qualtiy Control Issues
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We're currently waiting in Yosemite for a slide to be fixed... has been in shop since last Wednesday.

This is the second slide malfunction in less than two years. This Winnebago is a lemon!

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