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Update by user Feb 27, 2016

One more thing having to do with QC: I have a flush valve connection for my black water tank which wouldn't take water. Curious.

After checking into the system design, I found that there is a check valve (anti-siphon) put into the flush line to keep sewage or gas from back flushing. Well, can you guess how it was installed? Backwards! This little gem can be found by removing a wall panel that gives access to the area between the shower and the outside wall.

I had my dealer reinstall the unit correctly.

And another minor issue: I have a switch which controls the pump for the gray water tank located in the trunk on the left side. Well, after using it once, the switch stopped working. The wiring harness connector fell off because its retainer clips were broken. I, with great difficulty, located the connector, (which is accessed by removing the main mattress, access panel, and crawling into a very small cubby hole) and fastened it back onto the switch using electrical tape.

Why do I do all of this stuff you ask? It's because I want to actually use this thing and go places as it is designed instead of leaving it at the dealer, time and time again.

Update by user Feb 27, 2016

If you read about how Winnebago checks each motorhome for leaks in the seams, don't believe it! It's pure ***.

I had several leaks in the forward end where the roof joins the fiberglass nose. It wasn't noticed until the overhead bunk area filled with water and soaked the mattress. They won't pay to have a real leak test done, using a pressurized cabin technique which my local dealer doesn't have. So the dealer claimed to find a few leaks and fixed them.

Maybe he did, but the roof still leaked badly.

I had to take the ceiling panel in the bunk area down myself, which showed me where the leaks were originating; the forward roof seam. I purchased a can of liquid roof sealer, cleaned ALL of the roof joints with paint thinner, to get all the black film and dirt off, and spent a few hours going over the original seals on the entire roof. Problem solved, by me, again!

The RV industry as a whole has very poor Quality Control practices. You will even find issues with the high-end $250k and up units, just not as many.

If you are looking to buy an RV and you are not very handy at fixing things, you are in for a long rough road ahead. Your RV will likely be spending more time in the shop than in a campground.

Update by user Sep 28, 2015

Cummins service was finally able to resolve the issue with the generator. They complicated the issue when the carburetor was replaced, thinking that it was pre-adjusted at the factory.

Apparently it wasn't. The gas mixture needle valve had to be adjusted for the engine to run properly.

Now I have discovered a major water leak in the above-cab bunk area. I don't know where it is leaking only that after a good downpour I had a soaked mattress and a puddle of water on the floor of the bunk. Winnebago will not cover the cost of SealTech leak testing if it is not done by a Winnebago dealer.

There are no Winnebago dealers in New England with SealTech systems. Looks like I'll have to correct this one on my own before it gets stored for the winter.

Original review posted by user Aug 28, 2015

I "have" a brand new Spirit Silver 27qp, but I can't use it. The generator hasn't worked correctly since I bought it 7 weeks ago; it's nearly impossible to start and surges when running. This is really bad for all of your electronics and electrical equipment running off the generator. The dealer couldn't fix it before I took it home and Cummins Onan couldn't adjust it or fix it after 4 days of trying. It needs to be replaced.

Winnebago telephone Customer Service is totally useless; problem escalation is impossible and Cummins telephone tree only routes you back to your local shop. Again, no problem resolution contact. I contacted my dealer to see if he had any leverage with Winnebago. It's been a few weeks and still have not heard from anyone at Winnebago or Cummins Onan.

Their actions are the product of years of customer complaints that go unresolved. They have a system that is designed to wear down the customer so they go away rather than have their issue resolved. It's less expensive for them, unless of course, people stop buying their RVs. That would be my recommendation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Interior design, Beautiful outside.

I didn't like: Customer service, Giving no help at all.

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Did you ever get this issue resolved? I bought a 2015 BM 170C - ERA Touring Couch Class B ...

started having issues in less than 2k miles ...

it's been in the shop more than on the road! Anyone else having issues?

to KID2015 #1033902

Cummins finally was able to fix the generator. No contact from Winnebago. Now I find a water leak that soaked the over-cab bunk mattress.

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