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EVERY single trip we take we experience a problem with our motor home. Some of these problems have resulted in delays to our trips and missed events, and others a big inconvenience, with some just plain discomfort and one caused a great deal of stress... no air conditioning, the refrigerator would not turn on (the panel does not respond). Another time the air conditioning did not work in the cab on an unbelievably hot weekend 7 hour drive home. The rear left signal light did not work and we needed to drive for over an hour to the nearest dealer to have it replaced with out signaling any left turns, (we had to delay our trip because this part needed to be ordered from the US)

Another time the ABS breaking system was not working. The list goes on.

We are on another trip, we are far from home, this is our home on the road. We need to find a place for repairs. It looks like the next few days are going to be hot. I said to my husband today... SELL IT! I’m done.

My advice. Look for another make...not Winnebago.

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