Wrexham, Wales

Nothing Happened. Drove from Panama City, FL to Ft Wayne, IN, to Yellowstone by way of the Badlands, and Custer, then down to the Tetons and then down to Zion and Bryce, later on to Santa Fe before heading home.

Averaged 8.24 MPG towing a 2016 Honda HRV.

Regulating the hot water has been an issue since I took possession as a new unit. I did figure out with help from the heater unit manufacturer that using the cold water as a mixer does not fix the scalding one minute, freezing the next minute issue.

What one must do is turn the hot water side to full, then back off the heater regulator mounted under the bathroom sink until a desired hot point is set. After that, simply regulating the flow of water makes the temperature changes.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Winnebago Industries Pros: Motorhome.

Winnebago Industries Cons: Door locking mechanism.

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