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Bought our unit in April of 2016. While in Vegas this june the A/C unit failed while it was 115 degrees outside.

I called the dealer and was told i was out of warranty and it would be 3-4 weeks before i could get in. Well it was 115 degrees outside. So i called in a mobile repair and paid out of pocket. I reached out to Winnebago and got connected to Tony Chupp who told me to go away and i would get no help from Winnebago.

He is rude and completely worthless.

This unit was 50,000 and i was blown off. Never again will i buy a Winnebago

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Winnebago Industries Pros: Exterior design good.

Winnebago Industries Cons: Very bad, Need to make this right, Poor quality parts used.

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I too had a similar problem. While in Sparks NV and only 100 deg., my ac stopped working.

Called in a mobile service guy who was able (with the help of a Coleman-Mac tech) diagnosed the problem as a faulty High pressure switch on the compressor. He was advised that it could not be repaired and that the unit would have to be replaced. The tech was very helpful and understanding of the situation (hot, need ac) and gave him instructions to bi-pass the problem by disconnecting a wire. The temporary fix worked!

Thank goodness. I never called Winnebago. This is my third Winnebago product and probably my last. The only manufacturer that I'm aware of that has great customer service is Tiffin.

I don't care what you drive, they're all going to have some problem. The manufacturers are at the mercy of the component manufacturers and their dealers.

Both of which are very poor. All very disappointing!

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