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I've been thinking about purchasing a Winnebago for a first RV but after reading your complaints I have changed my mind. I did, however, write this letter to Winnebago in behalf of all of you who have experienced problems.

Good luck to you all.


I plan to buy an RV within the next year and so I have been doing a lot of 'homework'. Unfortunately, part of that investigation includes reading complaints that people have with their RVs and with customer service. It seems that problems are just part of the RV experience. I'm not sure why that has to be but it seems that quality control is not a big concern for manufacturers....

Winnebago included. I've read people's stories of buying brand new rigs and then listing a plethora of problems that include pretty much every conceivable part on the motorhome. And the worst part is being told by dealers and Winnebago alike that repairs will take a few weeks and then it turns into months and months of paying for the RV but not getting to use it. If you build a product, especially one that cost over $100K, you should back it up and make damn sure any problems get fixed quickly.

To pass the buck to the dealer or just ignore your customers after they sign for the RV is just horrible beyond words. I would not buy a Winnebago now after reading so many negative comments that all have the same complaint. Lousy quality control and non-existent customer service. I will be purchasing a PleasureWay RV.

And if you have any conscience, you will make damn sure every customer that has a complaint gets PERSONALIZED, quick service. Your company is just part of the disgraceful collapse of American business. You squeeze as much profit out of your clients while putting in the least amount of service and quality.

I will not be one of your clients. Now go take care of these people like you should.

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OMG I hate to hear all this bad news , yet I also have a list of over 23 issues on my 2018 Winnebago Sightseer 36Z that We have over $180,000.00 on it. We spent most of our 1st season of camping fighting who had to fix a heater control unit.

I used it for 1 trip . This year we both took a 2 week trip south and now have a list a mile long to fight again this camping season. The worst last year was the lights & warning chimes for the hydraulic jack would go off over most BUMPS. The first time I thought thy were going down @ over 70mph that was scary.

This year we found out the smoke alarms never had the battery's in or the yellow tab pulled .

The windshield is cracked top to bottom, The drivers seat wires pull out of the seat harness each time you rotate it and spark on the metal frame till the breaker trips ! On & on & on now I have used this Twice my wife once !


did you ever hear anything back from Winnebago after writing this?


Thank you for your comments. Like you, I too am looking for a trailer and have narrowed it down between AIRSTREAM and Winnebago.

Guess what - WINNEBAGO you just lost a perspective customer BECAUSE you aren’t taking care of your current customers. I get that an AIRSTREAM “Flying Cloud” 27 Front-Bed maybe almost twice the cost of the an equal size Winnebago- but at least AIRSTREAM’s craftsmanship is worth the additional cost.

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