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We bought a 2016 year closeout Minnie Winnie 27Q. After a weekend of cosmetic inspection followed by fixes.

We got it back for a weekend trial. The short version is: kitchen and bathroom sinks not installed properly or sealed, Kitchen drain pipe leaked, Stove burner would not light, refrigerator would not work on propane, toilet fresh water flush valve was broken and sprayed the walls every time depressed. We had the good fortune of driving through a rain storm. Only to find out the storage compartments underneath were not properly enclosed and consequently filled up with water.

In addition to these and other minor issues our unit had a design flaw that does not allow the bedroom curtain to be closed. I am still baffled how all of these issues could make it out of the factory. Additionally, how it could also make it past the dealer inspection is just as pitiful. While many of the issues have been fixed by the dealer.

There has not been a lot of cooperation or assistance from Winnebago. This made worse in trying to correct the design flaw and get it functional. I called and emailed Winnebago. I did not get a lot of help.

Basically was told to have the dealer call them and they would be glad to help. The dealer is not getting the help. My email received a reply that my email was noted and placed in my file, whatever that means. Overall we are not too impressed with the company or their dealer.

We bought it two and a half months ago. And it is still in the shop getting fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Winnebago Industries 27q Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Winnebago's quality control is nonexistent. I bought a 2017 vista lx 27 n and its been in the shop 8 times for all sorts of things.

They pay their workers by what they produce and it shows. $110,000 and looks like a high school kid built it!!

Sloppy. I was a big fan of Winnebago but not anymore.

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