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My wife and I purchased our first Winnebago in December of 2015. We were told they were giving us a great deal since it had been on there lot for more than a year so we also purchased an additional 8 year extended warranty with it.

During the transaction I noticed that one of the slide outs needed the bottom support board replaced because of a crack in it and the paint was a little dull. They cleaned it up and fixed the slide out, so we thought. In the following fall I had it winterized, and added LEDs, Solar, and Four 6 volt batteries to it. The following May I again detailed and waxed it after receiving it back from being de-winterized.

I noticed that the jell coating in the front cap had small spider webbed cracks and hairline cracks in the paint. I called the Winnebago Corporate office and waited for a response. I received a response about a month later telling me to have it sent to the dealer and have them take pictures to send to them, so I did this. Nearly six months later the dealer received their response from Winnebago, from the same corporate office, stating they would not cover it under the warranty.

They explained that while they admit the stickers and paint was dull, they would still not cover it because it was over the year warranty, even though it had sat on the dealer lot for more than a year in the sun and weather and even though I had reported it to the dealer and them only a year and five months after purchase. I was very surprised to hear this so I contacted the corporate office myself. I re-explain my case but was still told they would not fix my camper.

This is very disappointing as my wife and I was told that Winnebago was a durable and reliable product and company to be with, this defiantly was not in our case. I would never recommend a Winnebago, their warranty, or Service to anyone I know or anyone inquiring about them.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Winnebago Industries Cons: Warranties and service is the worst i have ever experienced.

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I am having serious fading gel coat problem with my 2017 Winnebago Voyage. It looks terrible and Winnebago will not repair because it is past their one year warranty period.

It has destroyed the value of my RV and I am stuck with a $11,000 quote to repair.

Please let me know if you are having the same problem. I can be reached at garylhou@yahoo.com


You said the magic words. STICKERS and WEATHER.

I bought the warranty. The difference is I actually read it.

Not Covered ! Leave your car in the WEATHER as long as your RV and see if the Manufacturer will repaint it for you.


Yes, and I read it also. It's apparent you didn't read all that was wrote in my review.

As I said the dealer left it in the sun and they still wouldn't stand behind the defects along with the other issues like sliders and wiring and even more.

Read the whole review... but hey, Outdoor RV has Great Quality RV's for sure, hands down compared to Winnebago and they stand behind their products with great customer service!


I read your review more than once in case I missed something. I Understand you had a slide problem.

However, you appear more concerned about the faded paint and stickers. Where do you park your RV when you use it that it stays out of the sun. Mine is in the sun most of the time and I don't have any of the problems I read in these pages. General RV and Winnebago have bent over backwards to address and remedy any issues I may have had.

Every RV will have issues from time to time no matter who makes it or how much it costs.

Winnebago is an excellent product. It's a shame you are not happy.


My RV is well maintained and in cover, Again, there was many issues brought up in our review and others it it wasn't about just gel or paint. It is a parent you didn't read what was wrote in my review or you would see it was about all the problems Winnebago has with the product we purchased and how bad there service is, but then again you didn't own the one of the many Winnebago's that are mentioned in all these other poor reviews and you didn't deal with the bad customer service others had too.

OUTDOOR RV is great and they stand behind thier product.

Go read some more about it... and remember to look at all the problems including service.

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