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n may 2015 I purchased a 2016 Winnebago View from a dealership in Jefferson Iowa. As I was driving R.V. back to Texas I noticed a problem with the alignment. The Iowa dealership instructed me to get it checked by a dealership in Texas. The Winnebago dealer in Buda Texas told me to take it to a Mercedes dealership in Georgetown Texas for the alignment problem. The technician at the Mercedes dealership told me that it was fairly common to have alignment issues with R.V. due to the coach compartment having been installed after the chassis had already been aligned. During a trip out west I realized that the radio and GPS were not working. Along the way I took it to dealerships in both Montana and New Mexico. The dealer in New Mexico told me that I should contact the manufacturer of the radio and GPS. I called the manufacturer and spent more than an hour troubleshooting with the representitive. He said that the entire unit would need to be replaced. The dealership in Buda Texas gave me an estimated repair time of 2 to 4 months for an appointment to replace the unit. I took the R.V in August and it was nearly 2 and a half months before I was told that it was ready to be picked up. While driving home I discovered that the repairs had not been made. I took it back the next day and was told that the system had been merely reprogramed because the system replacement was not approved. It took another two weeks before the problem finally resolved. When I was called about the completion of the repair, I was informed that the R.V. had been recalled for a gas leak problem and was not safe to drive until a part was replaced.This was to take another 3 to 5 weeks. It was not until January that I was able to retrieve the R.V. After retrieving the R.V. I noticed that the tires were low due to being parked at the dealership for 4 months waiting on repairs. I immediately went to a service station and quickly realized that it was impossible to inflate the tires with an ordinary air hose. I was told by the dealership that it would require an extended valve in all 4 back tires in order to inflate the tires. They said they would have to charge me for the valves at a cost of $70.00 each. They said the need of the valves was due to a manufacturing default. On our first camping trip since the recall repair for the gas leak problem, we realized that our stove and refrigerator were not working. On February 24 I returned it to the Buda dealership where I was informed that a switch on the gas tank was not working and that it would need to be replaced. The also said that they could order the part but they were not authorized to do the repair. They suggested I contact the Winnebago company to find someone that is authorized to fix the switch.

I am incredibly frustrated with all the problems that the purchase of this R.V. has caused me. I made a huge mistake when I purchased your product. How can you sell such an expensive product and not have enough mechanics to do the appropriate repairs? I feel I have been left to solve this problem on my own. I intend contacting the NHTSA, the Better Business Bureau, the bureau of consumer protection and the Attorneys General of Iowa and Texas. My demands include reimbursement of faulty alignment due to manufacture default, a one year extended warranty due to its being at dealership more than in my possession, the L.P. switch to be replaced by an authorized dealership and not by a third party, and the tire valves for my four back tires at no cost to me. I would appreciate a response within two weeks.

H Tork

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Winnebago Industries Cons: Very bad.

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We can certainly understand your frustration, Our Winnebago ERA towed 4 times, in the Mercedes shop 10 times is there now again to have a factory special tech check transmission issue.(sometimes no up shifting/or harsh down shifting) told to manually SHIFT!!!!!, Buying an RV is the worst money pit when buying new. Camping World, Mercedes, Winnebago put you on the merry go round.

OH yeah, "The Profit" from TV is Camping World CEO. Its very hard to get a lawyer to get results.

These dealers are aloud to meet very few laws for warranty, and for your inconvenience. Good luck


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