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Update by user Jul 30, 2019

roof crack is back, per the shop who fixed it, for Winnebago Refused to replace the roof on this new unit, the corner that keeps cracking, is over a stress beam and is a design floor so I would guess all the Sunstars 2017 may have this issue buyer beware 4/2017 purchase, 7/30/2019 24K Miles on it, 11 vacations I should of kept my Jayco or rented an rv for all the back and fourth time and money wasted, all the issues have returned, except one new one the Whirlpool frigde died on vacation, yes food spoiled However Whirlpool seems to be a much more professional company and is helping me with this issue, the fridge went on fire they have send a repair man to look at and order parts. Landing gear again an issue- last year out of my pocket $600 to look at, they could not find a thing, was leaking all the way down south and not from the reservoir from the gear it self. Winnebago sad to say has changed nothing like it was years ago I cannot sell mine for I would get my money back to buy another rv she pretty looking gets a lot of complements, but this would need to be correctly fixed before I sell Buyer beware Do Not Buy A 2017 Winnebago SunStar

Update by user Nov 08, 2017

sadly leaving soon for vacation and the unit still not fixed(nothing) will be going down the road with broken kitchen window, spoke to Winnebago 3-weeks ago service dept. they called there local rv repair shop and still we are not In for all/any of the repairs neededto use this brand new Lemmon Winnebago built the Sun star, and No one has order this small windowI called service again today spoke to a Steve, and he could not ship me the window for no one ordered it Unbelievable ....Do Not Buy A Winnebago sun star you will be very sorry no one professional in the corporate offices to help you My suggestion the better business burro

Original review posted by user Oct 18, 2017

Replace imploded kitchen window glass 2nd livening room window shade has fallen do not see any hinges on the floor Door does not close all the way correctly (hinges issues?) Landing gear does now always work only front clueless to why Winnebago lack of customer service does not compare to what you get a Jayco why did I trade it in,. first trip Winnebago Sunstar 35Ft 2017 bad small in living room, the sewage pipes had fallen apart wow un heard of where is the quality control at the Winnebago factory?

overhead passenger side Leaked yes cannot make this up Leaked first trip Just bought this unit 5/2017 door loose making noise hard to close, called Winnebago Rude Customer service Dept., and sent email, I was advise to bring back to the dealer, dealer is 6-hours away, found one by us had to take off of work to drop off and Fight to pick up for our trip Only One of 3-issues on this new unit fixed waste of time.

Now 2nd trip 9/2017 following issues happened they need to Replace imploded kitchen window glass after hit a (small Bump), 2nd living room window shade has fell cannot see any hinges on it, Door does not close all the way correctly (hinges issues?) again Landing gear does now always work only front clueless to why this unit is a Lemmon Now how many times do I have to loose pay take off of work to get this over priced Winnebago Sun Star- built correctly we have had it. Looking into trading in to get my Jacyo back DKnight Hicksville NY 11801

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Winnebago Industries Cons: Poor construction.

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Brand new unit Sunstar is still not fixed local Winnebago repair booked up leaving for vacation Thanksgiven 3rd trip in a broken down pile of cheaply made just hope imploted window does not fall out, hope entry door stays on, i did call winnebago again they told me i must stick to the waranty I signed (this is not Waranty) this is "defective" (poorly made) Low end RV with a High End Price it is garbage as soon as can will trade in

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