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Thought I was avoiding problems when I bought a 2015 Winnebago ERA 70C Sprinter two months ago.Very tired of making 2 and 3 trips back to Camping World and the Freightliner Sprinter maintenance shop for repairs on the same issue.

The van threw a Diesel Exhaust Fuel warning message within the first 200 miles I drove it. It had 3,500 miles on it when I bought it. Camping World said it needed DEF added every 15,000 miles. Well folks, it wasn't even at 4,000 miles yet.

The Sprinter shop added 2.5 gallons of DEF to what it said was a 3 gallon tank and shame on Camping World. Then within 2,000 miles, another (different) DEF light. So when I scheduled with McCoy Freightliner in Portland, I advised them I would wait for the repair, even if it took several hours. They performed diagnostics and sent me on my way advising they couldn't complete the repair that day despite their initial agreement.

So now I drive back a third time. Same thing with Camping World. A three-hour round trip to them for what I was told was minor body work caused by their technicians prior to delivery. All they did was assess the damage over 4 days and told me I had to come back again.

Parts delivery takes 3 weeks (I was told that was good turnaround). Once the parts got in, took 5 weeks to get a repair appointment. I'm getting sick of 2 and 3 trips to fix each thing. Two different shops.

I wasn't told the Camping World shop didn't do Sprinter chassis repairs, but they need to assess the issue first then refer me. Bunk.

Plus, if the issues involve latches not holding drawers shut, gaskets on the slide torn off, be prepared to do those repairs yourself because you'll be lucky to get the van out of their parking lot before the drawers pop open again.The gasket they "repaired" simply got pushed back into place with the same dry glue and dirt it already had on it.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor construction and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service bad quality damaged product" of 2015 winnebago era 70c motor home class b and associated monetary loss in the amount of $4000. Winnebago Industries needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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We feel for you, bought ours at Camping World,Read maiden voyage, anyways DEF light constantly on/off .We are going to Penn.

RV show with huge signs of this lemon with ABS /tranny/DEF/oil consumption problems and every nut and bolt they cannot fix.

Wife cannot opening sliding door.Watch for us on TV ,We will make news

to Anonymous #1143662

My sliding door handle and latch broke this weekend. Have to lick it from the inside and go out drivers door. Poor quality of materials throughout.

to Anonymous Portland, Oregon, United States #1205116

As a former sprinter technician , i can tell you , without a doubt, the quality of the materials used to build these sprinters is quite poor and they are over engineered and that Bob McCoy, McCoy Freightliner, let go of most of the experienced sprinter techs in order to save money, and increased his labor and parts prices to maximize his profits. Bob McCoy is a greedy little crook.


Did you ever get this issue resolved?I bought a 2015 BM 170C - ERA Touring Couch Class B ...

started having issues in less than 2k miles ...

it's been in the shop more than on the road!Anyone else having issues?

to KID2015 Wells, Maine, United States #1143630

No, and it just broke down again after 22 miles, 8th time in shop

to RW #1146758

RW ,just got towed again, would not shift out of 1st range this 9 times ,

to Anonymous #1148451

Just got the unit back after the 9th failure and again being towed!!!!.Here's the advice I can give.Winnebago has and did nothing, said yes we sold you this, but Mercedes is responsible, so what if your local Mercedes dealer cannot find stored code?

you get it back and no record is made as the breakdown, Go to a Sprinter dealer for drive train repairs, its to easy for a mechanic or to keep passing the buck at Mercedes, wonderful phone calls, " we're so sorry" If you owed the money to anybody but a bank you could with hold payment.Winnebago,Mercedes and Camping World know it, So know find a good RV lawyer.will keep posting .

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