On 10/5/15 I called Winnebago to ask if I could pick up a new Winnebago at the Winnebago factory as I do not want 1,200 miles or more from the winnebago factory to my state on a new motorhome. Not to mention the driver might be towing their vehicle while breaking the engine in at 60-70 miles per hour or above (not good for breaking in an new engine).

I was told by someone at the Winnebago factory that I could pick the motorhome up after going through my dealer but, I would have to pay an additional $1,400.00 to have Winnebago show me how operate this motorhome. Plus it would be up to the dealer where I purchased (ordered) the motorhome from to charge freight or not. Every Car I have purchased has not had a separate fee to show me how to operate it.

I find it hard to believe that motorhome customers buy a new motorhome with all these miles on it and still classify it as new and are willing to pay $1,400.00 to have winnebago show you how to operate it.

That's like buying a New Car with over 1,000 miles (or more) on it and paying full price. Really?

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Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1086765

This sound like a typical Winniebago rip off, other factories offer factory pickup, no questions asked and welcome it, may be it's because they don't want you to see how they build their units. Going by the problems my friend and I have suffer, since buying two 2015 motor homes, no wonder they don't 3 courage factory pick up. Neither of us would ever buy another Winniebago product.

If you haven't purchased, or paid, then run for your life, because owning a Winniebago product is tantamount to going to ***.


Sounds like this is one of those people, that no matter how hard you try, they are not going to be pleased. In reality the selling dealer will show a customer the complete operation of the new motor-home and not charge them for that.

It takes a fair amount of time to properly demonstrate the proper operation of all the systems. So I can see Winnebago charging a nominal fee for taking time to complete that demonstration. 1400.00 seems to be pricey. Also many RVS are truck shipped or rail shipped and in many cases the mileage is minimal.

I am not sure about Winnebago, but when a dealer warranty registers a vehicle the warranty is from the mileage already on the odometer, and goes forward from that point. With less that 1% of a normal warranty on the vehicle and then having it covered for the full warranty period, maybe you argument is moot.

If you pick up the vehicle, I also feel that you shouldn't pay for delivery. Again that's not Winnebago's issue, but your dealer.

to Anonymous Orillia, Ontario, Canada #1087373

I can help for two reasons.1) I'm a MENSA member and 2) I have camped for 50 plus years in tents,RV's ,Cabins and by the fire.

IF,.....you want to show a product ....which takes TIME then you do a GREAT video of the 259 K or other and show every part of the motorhome.Then you put it on a link in your WINNEBAGO web site.

You also give a DVD copy so the person can watch on a lap top and charge 10 bucks for the DVD.

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