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We purchased our Forza Winnebago 1 yr ago and of those 12 months it has spent over 4 months in the shop. Granted there are no engine problems, considering how long it takes to resolve smaller items I would expect to never see my RV again!

At any rate, Giant Rv gets a 5star for lip service and zero stars for performance. In short, be prepared to get in line with your troubles and learn to deal with the heartache of paying your monthly Rv bill while the Rv sits in their yard. If you're luckier than me, they won't create more problems than they are asked to fix. My last visit with them was to fix my fan adjustment as only high worked.

When I got the Rv back the fan worked great but in the process they disconnected the back up camera and one of the A/C vents. Wires were left hanging, oily fingerprint marks on the white panels were all over. It was simply amazing how they consider themselves a good service company. I should have known on my walk thru what I was in for.

On a walk thru, when everything should be pre inspected and at tip top shape I experienced the opposite. Over a dozen items, all visible to me, were missed by a "pro" including a broken door latch, a partially popped off rim, window condensation....the list is lengthy. Be prepared for excuses that will test your patience and sense of logic. It's always because of a special order or a recent rush because of a show....such an opposite position of when you are thinking of buying and hey show you that Winnebago stamps all their products with numbers for "easy replacement".

Apparently short of a door nothing is easily or quickly replaced. Winnebago shares part of the blame with this recurring nightmare that many Winnebago owners experience because they limit where you can go thus adding to the backed up service logs at Winnebago dealers. For me, the Winnebago Forza was a good buy but I will never return to Winnebago because of the service I have received at Giant Rv and at Dennis Dillon's. I've never experienced as much disorganization, incompetence and disregard for timely service.

Unfortunately, the first year warranty has you trapped with a handful of dealers with lengthy repair lines.

Be prepared to make several payments on your Rv while it sits without being worked on....and I don't mean for days but for several weeks at a time. Good luck buyers...you've been warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thanks for this review. I was considering both DDRV and Giant.

I even got loan approval and moved a big downpayment into checking. I decided on the Giant RV winnebego view. The price seemed right; however, after reading your review and a few others, I have changed my mind. It will be smarter to travel by car and stay in hotels.

Who needs these headaches. Paying for something you rarely use because it is in repair facilities with nothing being done.


You are right on, we have a 2015 forza that we bought 1 year ago and has been in 4 shops the last year, we have not used once, now the next shop said that i have at least 1 months work left to do. My wife and i are both retired and have a big payment book and a rv we can not use


Did you find out who you can go to for help in solving the problem. We have situation with transmission problem and they are pointing fingers on who's responsible for repairs.

we have a brand new 2015 Forza. Been in the shop half the year for different reasons.

Now when we drive we are not able to shift gears. Can not get gas because if we are in drive, it can not go in reverse.


I started to go to another dealer , Dennis Dillon Rvs IN Aaheim. In the end I unloaded the forza as no one could fix a major issue with a loud relentless squeaking window and pull out on the drivers side that completely ruined a pleasant drive.

Switched over to a coachman and although I lost money it was worth it. Dealers have no interest in making you a priority after the sale. Reviews on all of them here in California are horrible.

Good luck. BTW, try calling Winnebago, they will talk to you.


I have the same problume woth the slide out window behind the drivers door. mine is a 2016

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