Purchased this vehicle in August of 2013. The vehicle does not scale with a full load. Dangerous to drive without modifications! Winnebago will not pay for these modifications - even though some dealers seem to know about these issues. I have asked winnebago to certify this vehicle per Ford that it is safe at below Fords specs., since their own regional service manager test drove the unit and deemed it safe - even though - when he had it scaled by the dealer, it did not scale per Ford specs., of 35% on the front axle! So far I have not received a reply from Winnebago! Winnebago, will not help the customer at all with this problem. (Buyer beware).

The other major problem, is you can't read the instrument panel in daylight. Dealer said there was nothing they could do - it's the way it was designed! (Really are you kidding me)! I have spoken with other customer who have the same issues. If you think winnebago is still the company it used to be in past years - your in for a rude awaking. Don't let yourself get stuck in my, and others situation.

Winnebago - shame on you!

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Santee, California, United States #951701

Does not scale with a full load. Not sure what that means.

Middletown, New York, United States #803264

As I'm am at this time working for this company,everything Winnebago puts into it's r.v. is never tested.the design is just something some nit wit enginner dreamed up and never tested.To them if it looks good on paper,run with it and build it.


I have the same motorhome and having the same problems. Dangerous for me and my family and vehicles in the other lanes


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