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We have a 2003 Journey DL, this will be the third time the windshield will have to be replaced due to rust creating cracks.

The dealership took care of it the first two times. This time I called Winnebago direct and waiting for their field rep to call me. Already met him once, very rude and now after reading this site know he's a liar.

If their is anything we can do to join in on a class action let us know.

It's really a shame because we really like the vehicle, there were a few things that had to be taken care of, but the dealership was very good.

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2001 Adventurer with same issues rusting upper Mount cause windshield to crack tried to seal it up still leaks on the dashboard


i have a 2001 adventurer anyone know where i can find both windshields ?

Middletown, New York, United States #798452

Worked on these units this style,the windshields would crack and bust when we bumped our elbows against the windshields while installing the overhead cabinets and they would break.Very *** poor design.period.


I Just purchased used 2003 Journey 34.

Found drivers windshield leaking. There is no warranty on this Rv. Will try to seal it somehowe.


I just talked to Tony from Winnebago Industries.HE said its my problem that there is not problems with the windows cracking or rust.

It has to be a result of prior replacement not following procedures. Funny thing he had to send out a memo to the Dealerships informing them of the correct way to replace the windows. He wouldnt acknowledge that thise was a structural problem. I have gone on to Google and found that there are bunches of people that have the cracking window problem.

I was told by the RV Glass solutions that the metal holding the windows in will cause cracking if they rust. They said it shouldnt be that way. I also found that my levelers made by HWH were pieces of dung. And I have had all the Solenoids replaced in the last 3 years and it is a common problem.

I told tony about that. I was told by Winnebago that wasnt their problem it was HWH. I told Tony that as the manufacturer of a product you are responsible for everything you sell to the customer. No Comment.

Appears Winnie doesnt stand behind their product.

I Told him to go online and check out the complaints...I am going to try to find an attorney for a recall.



2004 itasca suncruiser..My window cracked while sitting.

All 4 levelers quit working.

When replacing the window there was rust and I had to pay to get the rust fixed. I was told by Camping World that they have to be inspected 2 times a year. You cant visually inspect for leaks because you cant see under the rubber.

I found out that it is a very common problem. Now here is the kicker.. THis is a structural problem. A POTENTIAL LIABIILITY ISSUE.

I am writing Winnebago from that point of view. I sell insurnace and I am telling them that this is a known problem.

And if the rust and rust does weaken metal, if the window in an accident fails due to the rust and causes injury to the driver or passengers, and other individuals and damages other property , Winnebago will have to defend themselves in a product liability lawsuit.And they will loose big time.

Mapleton, Maine, United States #443987

My windshield was just broken and I had it replaced to find out that I had lots of rust build up on my Itasca Suncruiser 2003 model.The man that replaced the glass said this happens on all Winnebago's.

The Windshield had been leaking as well.The service man also said I hope you don't have a wreck because the windshield would not hold you in the motor home.


Lesson learned!This has been a problem with the design for many years.

Winnebago will not stand behind their suppose to be “RUST PROOF” front window frame. Our cost was over $3,500 on a 2000 Brave. We bought a Winnebago because the Winnebago Rep. gave such high praise for the frame.

The pictures we have look like the frame is a piece of swiss cheese.

We traded the RV in and will never buy another Winnebago.We carry the pictures with us as a reminder.


About a week ago, I put a note on this forum that I would investigate a class action but I need a good solid list of names befor talking to an attorney. ANYONE INTERESTED???

to skip1941 Medford, Oregon, United States #774588

you bet, I am so call me...Richard at 503-861-0121

I am in touch with several 30T owners and we all have a serious handling problem with the coach at highway speeds and Winnebago won't take any responsibility for this.

we are looking for any attorney for sure.We are very serious.

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