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I've never written a review before, but my experience with Fretz has been so unsettling, I had to speak out. I have severe health issues related to mold that make it critical for me to have a camper with no leaks or moisture. I made that clear to the salesman upfront, as well as, wanting to get this camper to continue our family camping tradition after my husband passed away.

For approximately $24,000, I financed a brand new 2018 Micro Minnie 1700BH at Fretz, Souderton PA on Dec 29, 2017 (my late husband's 48th birthday ). They agreed to store the camper on their lot through the winter. One week after purchase, I went to visit the camper to check for leaks due to extreme weather. I was dismayed to find the salesman left the cargo door open to the outside during 3 winter storms! When I approached Fretz about it they denied any moisture in the camper and told me to take it up with insurance. The Progressive insurance adjuster found up to 100% moisture in a large portion of the cargo floor and also along the majority of the driver side windows and walls of the camper and both windows by the bed and bunk. I did as well.

Fretz still refuses to take any responsibility or honor warranty (BTW, I also purchased an extended warranty). Fretz continues to be abrasive and unwilling to offer a reasonable solution. As a result, I had to hire an attorney to try to resolve this. It's now the first week in April and I still have no resolution as the camper still sits on their lot while I continue to make monthly payments to the bank. Fretz is now threatening to charge me $20/day storage if I don't pick up this brand new water damaged camper this week!!

Winnebago has ignored multiple attempts from my attorney to resolve this issue. As of today, they have not honored the warranty on this camper, which clearly has a manufacturer defect. We are still waiting for Winnebago's response.

Progressive Insurance refused to honor a claim because although they recognize a serious moisture problem, it was not caused by a pipe bursting or tree falling on the camper. Had I known how ruthless these companies were, I would have gone to a different dealer for a different brand of camper and gotten different insurance.

As a grieving widow with a chronic illness who is trying to raise my young son and take him to the national parks in his father's honor, I find this behavior unethical and immoral. This camper experience was supposed to offer peace and healing as we mourn our loss, but instead, it has been nothing but a source of stress and anxiety thanks to Fretz and Winnebago.

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I feel sorry for anyone who deals with Fretz. I purchased from them in 2015.

I was given one trade in value by the manager with a price in an e-mail and the owner would not accept the deal after I had driven 300 miles and arranged for return transportation. (Traded a Class C and purchased a travel trailer. ) The owner was extremely rude. I guess he figured since I was over 65 that I would never buy another rig from him.

He was 100% correct about that. I only went through with the purchase because there were only two units available on the east coast and he was the closest plus I had already made the trucking arrangements. When I got the rig home I discovered that the battery would not hold a charge. Turned out it was an old battery that had frozen over the winter.

I was so disgusted by the dealer that I never went back to him for that or a couple of other warranty issues. BTW, I, too, am a disabled veteran.


Sorry for your loss. However, the issue can not be blamed on anyone.

These RV's are tampered with by outsiders every day.

You should have stored your RV at your home or a secure storage facility. This issue could have been prevented by you.


How is it a Winnebago issue if the Dealer left the baggage door open?Sounds like a dealer issue.

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